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Robotics Project List

Robotics Project List

ERRB001 Surveillance Robot Controlled By Smart Phone
ERRB002 Artificial Hand For Disabled Person
ERRB003 Four Leg Machine using Theo Jansen Mechanism (Wired)
ERRB004 Object or Wall Avoiding Robot Using Ultrasonic Sensor
ERRB005 Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner (Wired)
ERRB006 Mecanum Wheels Drive (Wired)
ERRB007 Mechanical Spider using klann Mechanism (Wired)
ERRB008 Leg To Wheel Transforming Machine (Wired)
ERRB009 Leg to Wheel Transforming Robot Wireless Controlled
ERRB010 Segway Mecanum Wheel Drive(Wired)
ERRB011 Stair Climber Robot Controlled By Smart Phone
ERRB012 Mechanical Spider (Arc Leg ) Using RF Controlled
ERRB013 Oil Water Gas Pipeline Crawler For inside Cleaner (Wired)
ERRB014 Eight Leg using Theo Jansen Mechanism Based  Machine
ERRB015 Mechanical Spider (Bend Leg) Using Klan Mechanism (Wired)
ERRB016 Line Follower Robot (Without Controller)
ERRB017 Hand Gesture Controlled Robot
ERRB018 Automatic Braking System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
ERRB019 Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner Using Arduino
ERRB020 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot With Obstacle Avoidance
ERRB021 Human Following Robot
ERRB022 RF Controlled Robot Using Arduino
ERRB023 Hand Gesture Controlled Robotics Arm (4 DOF)
ERRB024 Line Follower Robot Using Arduino
ERRB025 Voice Control Robot Using Smart Phone
ERRB026 Automatic Writing And Drawing Machine
ERRB027 Aeromodelling Movements- Landing Gear, Elevator and Alerons
ERRB028 PS2 Joystick Controlled Robot
ERRB029 Zero Turn Drive Stretcher for Hospital Patient Support
ERRB030 Hand Gesture Controlled
ERRB031 Spin Art Machine
ERRB032 Multipurpose Smart Agriculture Robot
ERRB033 Racing Robot Controlled By PS2 Joystick
ERRB034 Hand Gesture Control Pick and Place Robot
ERRB035 Automated Writing And Drawing mini cnc Robot Using Ben Box
ERRB037 Hyper Spectral Camera Data Acquisition Robot
ERRB038 Four Leg Mine Detection Robot
ERRB039 Real-time Car Driving Simulator (DS)
ERRB040 Humen Eye Movements controlled by Ultrasonic Based Using Arduino Nano
ERRB041 Automatic Fire Extinguisher Robot
ERRB042 Pipeline Inspection Crawler for Fault Detection
ERRB043 Line Follower With Obstacle Robot
ERRB044 Lizard Robotusing Arduino Move Front And Back


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