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Mechanical Project List

Mechanical Project List

ERME001 Concept of zero turn drive (Tata pixel)
ERME002 Tree Climber Machine (Wired)
ERME003 Head Light Turning By Steering
ERME004 Manual Washer Dispenser Machine
ERME005 Motorized Screw Jack With Four Bar link Mechanism
ERME006 Motorized Scissor Mover Jack With Suspension
ERME007 Cyclone Separator For Separate Heavy Particles
ERME009 Gear Less Transmission Elbow Mechanism 90 Degree (Wired)
ERME010 Angular Gearless power Transmission System
ERME011 Electromagnetic Breaking System
ERME012 Barrel Lifter With Motor Operated
ERME013 Horizontal Milling Machine
ERME014 Paddle Powered Electricity Generation
ERME015 Power Generation Using forearms Machine
ERME016 Four Wheel Steering With Motor And Gear
ERME017 Four DOF Industrial Arm(Wired)
ERME018 AC Cum Water Cooler Based Based on Clay
ERME019 Power Generation using See-Saw Mechanism
ERME020 Speed Breaker Based Power Generation
ERME021 Automatic Side Stand Retrieval Mechanism
ERME022 Aero Leaf Wind Turbine Tree
ERME023 Bench Tapping Machine
ERME024 Staircase Climber With Wheel & Planetry Gears (Wired)
ERME025 Rocker Bogie Mechanism Rough Terrain
ERME026 Regenerative Shock Absorber
ERME027 Rack And Pinion Based Steering System
ERME028 Power Produesd Through Train Movement
ERME029 360 Degree  Drilling Machine
ERME030 Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe
ERME031 Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor
ERME032 Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor And Mover
ERME033 Hydraulic Actuated Arm Using Syringe
ERME034 Hydraulic Actuated Arm Using Syringe With Motor (Wired)
ERME035 Four Wheel Steering System (4WS)
ERME036 Four Wheel Motorized Steering With All Wheel Drive Vehicle
ERME037 Fork lifter With Wheel (Wired)
ERME038 Drilling Machine 3 Degree Of Working
ERME039 Condor Electric Scissor Lift (Wired)
ERME040 Auto Roll Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism


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