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Electronics Project List

Electronics Project List

EREC001  Automatic Railway Gate Control System
EREC002 Home Automation Using Smart Phone
EREC003 Automatic College Bell System
EREC004 Automatic Street Light Controller Based Solar Energy
EREC005 Arduino Based Led Scrolling  Display
EREC006 Foot Step Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Sensor
EREC007 Smart Kitchen Automation & Monitoring With Alert
EREC008 Arduino Based DC Volt Meter
EREC009 Arduino Based Car Parking System With Slot Monitoring
EREC010 IoT Based Energy Meter Using ESP32 & Blynk Application
EREC011 Timer Relay for Kitchen Based on Arduino Nano
EREC013 GSM Based Fire and Smoke Detection and Prevention System
EREC012 Plants Health Monitoring With Irrigation System
EREC014 IoT Based Car Parking System Using Arduino,IR Sensor ESP8266 WiFi+Blynk
EREC015 IoT Based Automatic Barricade Fee Collection Using RFID
EREC016 Arduino Based Highway Speed Checker
EREC017 Hybrid Power Generation System
EREC018 Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter



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